About Us


Proel was founded in 1991 when 7 people working in the connectivity sector decided to form a team for the production of assembled cables, immediately obtaining positive feedback on the market.

In 1997 the company created a Research, Design and Prototyping department in the Sound Reinforcement sector.

Since 2004 Proel – thanks to the experience it has acquired in the acoustic field – bursts into the Public Address sector with a first catalog entirely dedicated to 100V equipment.

The following year the first ZONE8 paging system (full Made in Italy) appears, followed in 2007 by the first Evacuation system of the PROEVAC line.

In 2011, in collaboration with an English company, Proel is a pioneer at European level with the first compact EV PRO1 system: two redundant lines of 30W + 30W according to EN60849.

System that anticipates what will be the unstoppable trend of the European market: developing compact systems; trend followed by Proel to date with the well-established AE300 and AE604.



The Commercial Audio Team is made up of about twenty internal people: professionals who share the common goal of bringing Proel to the highest levels in the Audio 100V and EN54 certified safety audio sector. In addition, it uses a widespread network of agencies and distributors. The Team, by taking advantage of the continuous contact with users and of their needs in the field, is able to design and produce systems that are easy to install, very competitive, technologically advanced and capable of satisfying the most varied configuration needs in the best possible way.


15 employees and 2 R&D laboratories are constantly engaged in the research and development of highly performing, functional and reliable products while maintaining compressed times to respond quickly to market trends.


For us, “Made in Italy” is not just a slogan. For us, “Made in Italy” is a quality brand that guarantees all-Italian high-tech conception, design and production.

The projects are born from the studies and the passion of our engineers; factors that characterize us and differentiate us from the rest of the world.

The entire production is subjected to rigorous quality controls, leaving nothing to chance.

It is not enough to write “Made in Italy”; it is necessary to have the “Made in Italy” in the DNA.